Ditawarkan Oleh: Yaşar Yücel Yeşilbağ
Ukuran: 18M
Unduhan 10+
Versi 3.0

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Welcome to Bemazer!

• Infinite number of mazes!
• Select size of maze as you like
• Buy mazes with your golds
• Enter and try to solve the maze
• Jump over rocks
• Crouch under walls
• Find the exit and treasure chest

Bemazer has infinite number of mazes, because mazes are generated at the moment you buy them. This provides a different maze each time.

You can buy a maze of size you select, from maze shop with your golds. Bigger mazes cost more gold and are more difficult to solve, but pay more gold as well, when they are solved.

You enter the maze you have at current maze section. At any time, you may go back to menu or exit the game. Your maze and your position in the maze will be saved.

When you solve the maze, you find approximately double (or 1.5 times if in easy mode) of golds you've paid for it. If you can't solve, you have to discard the maze to buy a new one, because you can't have more than one maze.

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Fitur baru:

+ Added multiplatform account system to store player's assets
+ Added control pad sensitivity setting
+ Added minimum time interval between ads
* Minor updates and improvements

Informasi tentang Bemazer

Versi: 3.0
Kompatibilitas: 4.4 and up
Developers: Yaşar Yücel Yeşilbağ
Pilih: 5.0 / 5 Start - 6 evaluasi


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