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Versi 2.7

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Werder AG introduces the ultimate tool for mechanics. MechTab provides information about ISO-Tolerances, Threads, Cutting Data, Wrench Size and Roughness.

Tolerances: A - ZC, holes and shafts

General Tolerances: Charts for linear dimensions, radii/chamfer and angular dimensions.

Geometrical Tolerances: Symbols, drawings and explanations as well as charts for the different geometrical tolerances.

Threads: BA, BSF, G, Heli-Coil, M, MF, Pg, Tr, UNC, UNEF, UNF, W, Metric-Non-Standard

Cutting Data: Cutting Speed and Spindle Speed, Feed Rates, Processing duration

Wrench-Size to Width across Corners: 4-,6-8-,10-,12-,14-Cornered

Roughness: Rz, Ra, N, Triangle-Notation

Triangle: calculate sides, angles and the area of a triangle by entering 3 values according to a drawing.

Weight: Calculate the weight of different materials in different profiles. Material list is editable.

Trowalization: Calculate number of pieces per machine load

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New in version 2.7

Minor Bugs have been fixed with this update.
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Informasi tentang MechTab

Versi: 2.7
Kompatibilitas: 4.4 and up
Developers: Werder AG
Pilih: 4.6 / 5 Start - 10 evaluasi


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